Big Sista

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In 2013 Big Sista damaged one of her main engine crankshafts beyond repair. Fortunately a reconditioned crankshaft was held in stock and over a period of 2 weeks, much of it spent on a swing mooring, the crankshaft was replaced by ship’s crew and Pete and his staff. The crankshaft damage was a downstream effect of an oil pressure failure in late 2011. Had the owner listened to Pete’s concerns at the time of initial repair the expense of replacing the crankshaft and attendant downtime could have been avoided. This was the only incident of unplanned downtime for Big Sista since Pete started superintending their maintenance in early 2012. It is a testament to how the ship’s engineers Jimmy, Joel and Willy have developed in the last couple of years that they completed a huge job with no problems except making Pete feel a bit redundant because they didn’t really seem to need him anymore.

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